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Where to buy used baby stuff online Philippines 2020

We all know that when you have a baby we have never-ending expenses. For buying baby clothes we have to keep in mind that the baby will outgrow the clothes so fast. I’m writing this for the mother that is practical and wanted to save money too.

Today’s post I’ll share with you how you can save 50% of your money by buying pre-loved baby stuff. As a mom, you always wanted to give the best stuff for your baby but we think giving the best stuff will cost a lot of money. It’s not, you just need to know where and how can you get excellent quality baby stuff at a very cheap price. Don’t worry getting preloved stuff is not bad at all its safe.

FACEBOOK, yup you read that right. People right now spend almost 70% of their time on Facebook, that’s why a lot of people selling stuff on Facebook. Most mommies selling their baby clothes or stuff that their baby not using it anymore at affordable prices.

Facebook Marketplace and baby stuff groups has a lot of cheap pre-loved ones.

Marketplace: In the search bar just type the stuff you are looking and your location.

Examples of Pre loved clothes 0-24 months

Branded clothes: Carters, Gerber, H&M and etch. That’s why the quality is excellent.

Baby Boy:

Baby Girl:


And many many more

Here’s the list of the groups where you can find cheap baby stuff

  • Japan stuffed toys ph
  • Divisoria 168 999 Direct Supplier
  • Navotas buy and sell
  • Baby and Mom’s stuff’s find
  • Mall pull out and small wonder brand
  • Buy and sell group ( Metro Manila)
  • Babies&mom ( preloved stuff)
  • Cloth diaper baby need supplier
  • Baby Stuff buy and sell Philippines
  • Clothes direct supplier
  • Malabon Marketplace
  • Direct supplier kidswear
  • Live selling stuffed toys
  • Branded overruns direct supplier Taytay Rizal
  • Children/ Kids stuff for sale or for free!!
  • Baby Kids Preloved/ Brandnew Items Buy and Sell Group part 2
  • Presyong divisoria Online Shopping Network
  • Baby clothing wholesale
  • Children’s toy cars, music for kids,learning color
  • Toy ukay ukay ph
  • Cheap Baby and kid’s items
  • Taytaydirectsupplier@45pesos
  • Baby stuff cribs, carseats, clothes, toys
  • Direct supplier small wonders brand

Tips before checkout:

  • Check Seller’s profile since when the seller is selling, buyer’s feedback, proof of shipment.
  • Check the location of the seller to save money with the shipping fee
  • Ask for a video of every product.

That’s it. Be safe.


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