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How to Sell Baby Clothes on Facebook

In this article, I’ll show you how to make money selling baby clothes on Facebook. This method works with both new and preowned (preloved/second hand clothes) for babies.

1.Create a Facebook Page

Login to Facebook and go to Pages -> Create.

Name your page and fill out all the details. Make it short and easy to spell so your customers can remember you easily.

2.Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Download the Page Manager app and invite your friends to like your page. Get as many likes as possible to build trust from customers. Social proof is key!

3.Join Buy and Sell Baby Clothes Groups

Search Facebook for baby clothes groups. Use keywords like:

“infant and kidswear”

“preloved baby clothes”

“ukay ukay”

“second hand baby clothes”

“used baby clothes”

Use different keywords based on your location. The goal is to find some groups to join to share your page later on.

4.Find a Supplier

Search Facebook marketplace and groups looking for bulk baby clothes to resell. Check the page or personal Facebook profile if it’s active, the date the seller joined, and proof of shipping from different customers.

Alibaba is another option for finding a supplier. They are a Chinese e-commerce giant (the Amazon of China).

5.Buy in Bulk to Save Money

Buy at least 50 to 100 pieces if you’re starting out.

6.Sort the Clothes

Sorth the clothes by condition, gender, size, and brand.

7.Wash and Iron

Wash the clothes separately from white & colours (if it’s really necessary). Iron the clothes if necessary.

8.Take Photos

Get the best background and don’t use filters. Use your smartphone to take the photos and edit them with Canva, Picsart, or Photogrid. Always put watermark on every photo to prevent scammers stealing your photos.

9.Price Your Items

Price your items by condition and brand. Like NEW is the most expensive while the cheapest is good used condition.

10. List Them on Facebook

List them on your Facebook page first then share it to your newsfeed. Share it to the groups you joined. List them for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Use Live selling to boost sales.

11. Collect Payments

Get paid through Paypal, Cashapp, Gcash, remittance, etc. COD (cash on delivery) is another option just like cash on pickup.

12. Package the Items

Look for a print shop to customize your brand with a unique logo (Get a logo on Fiverr). Use tape to secure the bag. Use plastic clear bags with adhesive (Buy them on Facebook or Amazon for cheap).

13. Ship the Items

14. Ask for Feedback


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