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Lalamove Philippines: Review

What is Lalamove?

Lalamove is an Asia-based technology company that provides same-day and door-to-door delivery courier services in Metro Manila and nearby areas by connecting you to thousands of Partner Drivers through an app. It’s only available in Metro Manila and Cebu.

Legit or Scam?

As COVID-19 cases rising a lot of people shop online and ordering food to avoid contact with a lot of people outside. E-commerce went to the roof also, especially the Ukay Sellers through Facebook. Lalamove is the best courier that you can rely on with your business and with your buyers.

If you are fond of shopping through Facebook I highly recommended Lalamove. Its a fast and reliable transaction. So I’m going to say right now that Lalamove is 100% LEGIT!

Lalamove Review

I’ve been using Lalamove for 2 years and it’s always been a great experience. I’m selling Preloved Infant Clothes on Facebook so I always Lalamove to deliver orders when the buyer is in within Metro Manila not just that there’s one time I need an ointment from Mercury Drugstore I used Lalamove and it was great because I don’t have to go out and I don’t need to worry about my baby.

Lalamove riders have patience and honesty. They will wait for you and even the specific location is difficult to find they always find a way to make it there on time.

I’ll give Lalamove a 5 Stars.

How to Book?


  1. Download Lalamove App from Playstore. Click Create an account

2. You can create an account by using Facebook and Gmail Account. When you enter your phone number make sure it’s an active phone number because it’s not easy to change your phone number once your phone number is confirmed. Make sure your email address is correct too.

3. Pick up address- is where the driver will pick up the goods or order. Make sure you put the Full name, phone number, and exact address. The rates depend on the weight and kilometer.

Drop off– is where the driver will deliver the goods/order. Make sure you put the Full name, phone number, and exact address.

And also make sure you choose the right delivery features. The rates may depend on the weight and kilometer.

Delivery Features:

FREE Insulated Box(Lalabag) – paid order. Perfect for orderring food and deliver to you while it’s still hot. You can also use this feauture when you have some goods that needs to be deliver to you weight up to 20 kls. only.

Cash Handling– can also assist you in doing your payments and handling large amounts of cash through the Cash Handling feature. By selecting Cash Handling, Drivers will deliver cash and payments for you for only an additional fee of ₱30.

Queueing Service– if you need Lalamove Drivers to line up in an establishment to complete a delivery or payment service for you, simply select Queueing Service. This incurs an additional fee starting at ₱60 on your delivery, but this is convenient for when you need to file bank checks or line up for things that you need to buy.

Purchase Service– perfect for Cash on delivery. One of the most popular Additional Services, the Purchase Service (also known as pabili service) lets you book a Partner Driver and have him pay for items on your behalf first (worth ₱2,000 or less), which you will pay for when he/she arrives at your location.

Through Purchase Service, you can save time and energy in buying the things you need and have a trusted courier service provider buy the things for you all for an additional ₱50!

Additional Assistant– to help load and unload items.MPV and Light Truck deliveries can carry additional load, which is why we’re offering Additional Assistant.

Cash on Delivery feature

Types of Vehicles and Delivery Rates

Click here for the correct information.

Payment Method

Cash on Delivery add P50.00 upon delivery.

Top op wallet : You can do it using your Bank Card or Gcash: Minimum P300.00

That’s it! I’m hoping this article will guide you or answer your queries. Thank you and Be Safe!


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