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I can’t log in to my Lazada Seller account using Google Chrome

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my website todays post Im going to walk you through on how to sign in in Lazada Seller using Google Chrome.

  1. Access Lazada Seller Center website.
  2. Sign in first using your email address .
  3. It will ask you again to sign in using email address or phone number.
  4. Even though you click sign in million times it wont work until you click forgot password.
  5. I understand that you did not forget your password but its the only way to sign in.
  6. Change the password.
  7. Sign in again and you are ready to go!

Glad to help you out .


  1. Minjin

    i did tried changing my password, to my dismay i even create new account, but then when i was about to sign again in my new account to update products , I cant log in again ! I think lazada have to do something about it .

    • Mae

      Hi. Have you tried to clear cache after changing password?. That’s what I did and it worked. I guess you need to get in touch with Lazada Seller support

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