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I can’t log in to my Lazada Seller account using Google Chrome

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my website todays post Im going to walk you through on how to sign in in Lazada Seller using Google Chrome.

  1. Access Lazada Seller Center website.
  2. Sign in first using your email address .
  3. It will ask you again to sign in using email address or phone number.
  4. Even though you click sign in million times it wont work until you click forgot password.
  5. I understand that you did not forget your password but its the only way to sign in.
  6. Change the password.
  7. Sign in again and you are ready to go!

Glad to help you out .


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  1. i did tried changing my password, to my dismay i even create new account, but then when i was about to sign again in my new account to update products , I cant log in again ! I think lazada have to do something about it .

    • Hi. Have you tried to clear cache after changing password?. That’s what I did and it worked. I guess you need to get in touch with Lazada Seller support

  2. Hello – anyone found a solution? I am having same problem. I tried all: Changed password, Clear Cache, re-install Chrome, etc

  3. Hi. This happened to me. I cant access any lazada website on my browser when using my internet at home. I went to our neighbor and connected to their broadband and it was successful. I still dont understand. Maybe lazada blocked my ip address at home and it was so unfair without further notice of any violations.

      • i recently can’t login in with my ipad’s safari browser too, but then i go to my safari setting and turn off the ‘prevent cross-site tracking’, and then it magically works. i dont know about mac but maybe you could try something similar to that.

  4. same problem..whenever I tried to login Google chrome pops up a message “google chrome has stopped working”. Therefore needs to close the program

  5. I don’t have a problem logging into the seller center at my work pc using chrome but when I’m home I can’t login. It’s so frustrating. I’m not logging in simultaneously so I don’t see what the problem could be.

  6. Personally, I find this method solves my problem, ever since I turn off “Block third party cookies” setting in Chrome, never had a problem logging in to Lazada Seller Centre.

    Sharing it here, hope it helps with yours.

    1. Go to the 3 dots on the top right corner in Google Chrome
    2. Click Settings
    3. Scroll down to “Privacy and security” and click “Site Settings”
    4. Click “Cookies and site data”
    5. Disable “Block third-party cookies” (make it grey colour)

    Mine was enabled before (blue colour), after disabling, you should be okay.

  7. Wong , your methods really work! I tried to disable cookies and site data and it’s successful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I have the above mentioned problem with safari on my ipad not being able to make it passed the lazada seller login page. Very frustrating till I tried Chrome and it works flawlessly. Looks like there are some hardware/software/browser combination that do not work.

  9. Still can’t login even I tried it a million times. Had to make a new account, then after making one, I was redirected to the login page and then poof, cannot log in until now.

  10. It seems like this Lazada always having issue of login into the account……very frustrating . That’s it I am going to use Shopee or Q0010 to buy my stuff….

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