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How to Sell in Shopee Philippines

When COVID-19 spread out all over the world thousands of people in the Philippines lost their job. E-commerce is the best option to survive during a crisis and Shopee is the Number 1 leading E-commerce store that you can start selling your product online, either way, it is preloved or brand new.

Sign up

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First is to sign up by using your phone number / Facebook or Gmail account. Once you’re signed up edit your profile make sure your phone number, email address, birth date is verified. Add your complete address and set it as default and return address.

Download the Shopee App at Google Play store for FREE!

Note: If you have an existing account skip this part.

Set up Seller Account

Log in to your shopee account.

Using your Desktop

At the top corner, Click Sell on Shopee.

Scroll down. Click here to register

Enter the email address that you registered to your Shopee account.

Click Yes and hit Next. Fill out the form with the correct information and Submit. To check your Shop ID click here.

How to Add Product.

Go back to the Homepage and click Seller Center.

Under Product click, the arrow – Add new Product

Product Name is at least 20 characters (letters or numbers) and no space at the end.

The product description is at least 100 characters.

About the Shipping and Packaging click here.

For you to have a courier you need to contact Shopee Center through chat or call so they can provide a courier for you.

Using your SmartPhone

Download Shopee from Google Play store. Log in to your account .

Click Me at the bottom part of your homepage screen. Click Start Selling

Add product.

Put all of your product information and click publish.

How to ship the Order

Shopee will notify you through email or message directly to your Shopee app when there is an order. Log in here or you can also check from your Shopee app.

To schedule a pick up

check your email and click the link it will guide you through how to book a pick-up. You can also check your Shopee App on your Smartphone. Make sure you print the waybill after you book a pick up because the rider will pick up the item the next day.

Gogo express has one size (large pouch) only you need to print the waybill

J&T will provide small and large pouch if own packaging you need to make sure you have bubble wrap (two layer).

Ninjavan can provide large pouch only you need to print the waybill.

To print your waybill

Log in here . Shipment> My shipment> To ship> Print waybill.

You will receive a text message from the rider to confirm if the item is ready for pick up .

Note: Make sure you put the exact weight for every order so you wont be rejected by the courier rider. Keep you lines open so they can call you.

J&T pick up require a valid ID.

That’s it . Easy peasy! It might look like a lot of work but its really not. I’m hoping that this article is a great help to you. Let me know if you have an questions or clarifications comment down below!. Thank you and Happy New Year!


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