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How to Cash in Gcash with BDO 2020

Hi again .

Today’s post I’m going to walk you through on how to add funds in Gcash using BDO .

Just a heads up you need BDO mobile app.

No service fee! Absolutely free

  1. Log in to your BDO app.
  2. Click “Send Money”.

3. Select ” To Another Local Bank”.

4. If this is your first time just choose ” Proceed without a template” and hit continue.

5. Lastly it will ask your information . Please be mindful of the information your entering.

  • Transaction Type: Credit to other bank
  • Destination Bank: G-Xchange, Inc.
  • Destination Account Number: Phone number registered to Gcash
  • Asking Address : Optional.

Once your done .You will receive notification .

Happy to help you. Have a good day!


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