Top 10 Traditional Mexican Food

We all love traveling and enjoying ourselves to the fullest,isn’t it? well, and we also like to try out new things and aspects of our culture, and especially matters food. That’s a fact. This year has seen me and many of my friends come up with several bucket list ideas of unique traveling sprees,with trying out top Mexican foods being on top of the list. This is because Mexico has for too long been on the list of world’s popular top travel destinations for sun seekers and food lovers alike.

So, if you’re visiting Mexico, get a real taste of the country’s flavorful cuisine by sampling their top 10 food and getaways listed below.

1. Tamales

Tamales were first developed for the Inca ,Aztec and Mayan tribes of Mexico. Their main reason for the choice of this food was that it offered them the elusive nourishment when going to battle it out against their enemies. So, how are Tamales prepared?well, corn dough is stuffed with a sweet filling (preferably meat,fruits or cheese),wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed.

2. Elote

Elote for Mexicans means corn on the cob. Whenever you’re in Mexico, you ‘ll bump into people selling Elote almost on every city corner across the country. It’s been their traditional food and the preparation for this awe-inspiring delicacy involves boiling and serving the corn on a stick to be eaten like an icecream.Sour cream,chili,salt ,Mayonnaise, butter,cheese and lime are then added in abundance.

3. Pozole

Pozole is a pre-Hispanic soup that was once used to in ritual sacrifices by the Mexicans. That’s the tale told by anthropologists. Anyway,this dish comes in different tastes nowadays, with food lovers being able to choose from the vegetarian,chicken or pork versions of the dish. This mouth-watering delicacy is made from stewing hominy corn with abundant spices and herbs overnight .Once it’s ready for serving,Onion,lime,lettuce,chili,and radish are sprinkled on top.

4. Enchiladas

This is undeniably Mexico’s perfect breakfast dish. Dating back to Mayan times, the dish is made from corn tortillas that have been wrapped around small fish. But nowadays, its preparation has slightly changed,with many chefs using both flour and corn tortillas and then filling it with seafood,meat,cheese,,beans or all of them to make nothing short of a delicious dish that’s worth sampling when you visit Mexico.

5. Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor means ‘in the style of the shepherd’. This is yet another popular Mexican dish that dates back back to the nineteenth century. In the preparation of this dish, thin strips of pork are placed on a corn or flour tortilla and served with pineapple,coriander leaves and onions.

6. Chilaquiles

Don’t leave Mexico without trying Chilaquiles , the popular traditional breakfast meal that features some lightly fried tortillas cut into pieces and then topped up with the spicier red or green salsa. The dish is served with refried beans and scrambled eggs for a perfect taste.

7. Mole

Mole is a rich traditional sauce popular in any Mexican cooking. They come in different versions though the best known of all is the mole poblano. and all of them contain about 20 ingredients or so,including chili powder.

8. Tostadas

Tostadas literally mean ‘toasted’ . The dish is per se very simple and extra delicious, and it’s made by boiling corn tortillas in oil until they’re golden and crunchy. It can be srved alone or with toppings such as cooked meat,refried beans,seafood and cheese.

9. Guacamole

Guacamole is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most popular food.Created from mashed avocados,tomatoes,onions,lemons,chili powder and juice,Guacamole is more often than best enjoyed with as a side dish or when eaten with tortilla chips.

10. Chiles en Nogada

This dish is easily identifiable with looking at its color, which are similar to those of the Mexican flag. It’s therefore Mexico’s most patriotic food!. The poblano chillies topped with picadillo stand for the green color,the cream sauce represents the white color and finally, the pomegranate seeds represent the red color of the Mexican flag. With sampling this dish,you’ll have had a taste of the food that was first prepared for Don Augustine de Iturbide, the Emperor of Mexico.

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