Best Baby Feeding Tools of 2020 Philippines

  1. Baby Bowl with masher – makes preparing fresh food for your baby healthy and cost-effective! This bowl lets you easily and quickly mash up fruits and some vegetables.

2. Feeding Pacifier – Convenient to use Rich nutrition, enhance physical fitness Sucking fruit, taste delicious Exercise baby coordination ability Pull button opening and closing convenient, high-quality dust cover.

3. Silicone Squeeze Feeder with Spoon – This special feeding milk bottle can really make feeding easy and simple.

4. Baby Suction Stay Put Bowl– Strong suction sucker helps prevent a spill, no mess after the baby meal. Cute design of the baby bowl set will stimulate infants’visual sense and be more willing to eat.

5.  Baby Food Grinder 9 in 1 Set Grinding Bowl –  easy to clean and clean; juice, grinding, filtration, mash, food, multiple-use methods.  It can help regulate the baby food so that the baby can ingest the various nutrition needed for the growth process.


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Written by Mae