30 Homemade Baby Food Ideas

Baby Shann TV will share some food ideas and tips for your baby:

As we all know that starting 6 months babies can have solid food. We have to be more careful about what kind of food we will give to our baby. Babies can be somewhat picky eaters. So for today’s post, we will share to you 30 different food ideas it means you’ll have different food recipe for the whole month that your baby will definitely like it.

From: Baby Shann TV

As a mom, I only want nothing but the best for Shann, most especially giving him proper nutrition. I am making his own meal every day instead of buying ready-made ones (advantage of being a fulltime mom). Breastfeeding is my advocacy and I am so proud of it but aside from that I also advocate of proper nutrition for Shann.

According to the standard of DOH and World Health Organization “NO SALT, NO SUGAR” for babies below 1-year-old.


✅ No to SALT because our babies only need a very small amount of salt less than 0.4g a day and breastmilk already enough to meet that maximum requirements. Their kidneys can’t cope with more salt.
✅ No to SUGAR because it can lead to preventable diseases such as heart disease, obesity (that can lead to diabetes), and high blood pressure.

List of food ideas that is safe and healthy for your baby:

Tips: vegetables can be boiled or steamed, rice milk, or corn rice just add breastmilk/ formula/ distilled water.

  1. Rice milk+ breastmilk

2. Carrots+breastmilk

3. Squash+ breastmilk

4. Mashed potato+ breastmilk

5. Banana

6. Sweet mango

7. Papaya +breastmilk

8. Sweet potato+breastmilk

9. CHayote

10. Broccoli+ breastmilk

11. Okra+ breastmilk

12. Pure bottle gourd

13. Avocado+ breastmilk

14. Legume beans

15. Rice milk+ squash

16. Rice milk+ moringa+ bitter gourd

17. Corn rice+ squash+ string beans

18. Corn rice+ carrots+ mashed potato

19. Corn rice+ moringa+ chayote

20. Corn rice+ petchay+ bottle gourd

21. Corn rice+ egg yolk

22. Corn rice+ mango

23. Carrots+ Mango+cucumber

24. Carrots+ Mango+ Cucumber

25. Egg yolk+ chayote+ moringa+ potato

26. Mash potato+ moringa

27. Broccoli Pancake


Almond milk
Baking powder

28. Carrot Pancake

Ingredients:: Flour, blended carrots, egg

Watch full video on how to prepare Carrot Pancake

29. Banana oat pancake

Watch full video on how to prepare.

30. Broccoli and cauli flower nuggets

To get the directions on how to do it kindly message Baby Shann TV .

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